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Serving New York and New Jersey For House Cleaning, Maid and Home Cleaning

Whether it’s an initial house cleaning, a scheduled weekly-bi weekly or monthly home cleaning or apartment cleaning. Maid on call is ready to accommodate your cleaning service needs. Just call our professionally trained maids, and we will welcome the opportunity to clean your NY, NJ, or FL home. We are one of the most professional house cleaning companies of all the maid service companies in our area. We are the most professional house cleaning company of all the house cleaning services companies in the area.

Heavy Duty Home Cleaning Services: House Cleaning New York, New Jersey,

Maid on call home cleaning services is a complete cleaning service company. Not only do we offer regular maid service, we offer heavy duty home cleaning as well. Our cleaners will clean your walls from top to bottom, wash windows inside and out with screens. Strip and wax your floors. Shampoo your carpets and upholstery. Heavy duty clean your kitchen. Stoves, ovens of heavy grease. Kitchen cabinants inside and out. We will thoroughly disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize your bathrooms, and home from top to bottom.

Green Maid Services in NY, Maid Services in NJ

Maid on call is proud to offer an all green eco friendly cleaning service. We are one of the truly green housekeeping services companies in New York. Whether you need a housecleaning company in Manhattan, a maid service in New Jersey, or an apartment cleaning in NYC, we provide the most effective, and least toxic environmentally safe cleaners available.

Free estimates and who we work with

When necessary, we will accommodate by coming to your home and providing you with a free estimate. This may be necessary when estimating heavy duty cleaning jobs. Hoarding cases, and the like. Maid on call partners with organizations such as adult protective services, disabled and elderly, case management companies, home health aides, care givers, and home health care workers who work with the elderly or disabled. We partner with many types of businesses. If you are looking for web designers in NYC we work with HotDigital New York.

Good Reviews to Ensure That Maid On Call Is The Finest House Cleaning Service
Whether You Are Looking For Maids in Manhattan, Maids in New Jersey

When you are reviewing housekeeping and house cleaning companies in New York, you will find Maid on call is the perfect cleaning company for all of your house cleaning and apartment cleaning needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We reply to cleaning service requests within 30 minutes and can have your Maid arrive at your location within hours. We can schedule you and customize your house cleaning service for a one-time, once per week, biweekly, or monthly cleaning. Our customer service and clean practices are amongst the industry's finest. Our professional NYC maid service Maids are well trained and our quality assurance team will call you prior to the maid leaving your premises. Experience the Maid On Call standard of service!

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